If you have used Amazon Prime then you surely understand what is Flipkart Plus.

Plus zone is a section where third party coupons such as BookmyShow,ixigo,zamoto etc can be purchased through earned Plus coin.
These are available in the form of coupons, and unlock as you continue shopping on Flipkart.

Flipkart plus coin

How can I join Flipkart Plus?

For joining, you are required to collect at least 50 coins on the Flipkart. You can earn 1 coin by spending Rs. 250 on Flipkart.In case you’re an old Flipkart user and have already spent a lot of money on Flipkart, you may still be available for a free account without ollecting any new coins.

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How to join?

  1. Open the app or website (if you are using Flipkart app then make sure using latest version) now you will see a Flipkart Plus Symbol in the Flipkart app.
  2. Now click on 3 lines at the top left, You will see a Flipkart Plus Zone NEW at top list.
  3. Tap click on Flipkart Plus Zone then it will open Flipkart Plus Zone Screen.
  4. Now at the bottom you will see Join for Free (Make sure you are logged in) and you’re a regular customer of Flipkart then click on that if not you you will required 50 coins to join it.
  5. Now the moment you click on Join for Free it will show a pop like.

Congratulations!! You are now a plus user. You had succesfully joined the Flipkart Plus Membership


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