Top 10 Hollywood Movies- You Must Watch

List of best 10 hollywood movies

  • The Conjuring 3
  • Mission Impossible-Ghost Protocol
  • The Avengers
  • The dark knight
  • Avatar (2009)
  • Inception
  • Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl
  • The shape of water
  • The Florida Project
  • Call me by your name
1. The Conjuring 3

The film’s story was based on real accident.Such moments is shown in this movie which will increase your heartbeat. A husband and wife shift in old house with their five children where very strange events happened with them. After that they get help from two demonologist.

Top 10 Hollywood movies

2. Mission Impossible-Ghost Protocol

Tom Cruise has showed different level of stunt where he stunt on highest building of Burj Khalifa.In film, Anil Kapoor also shown but for few times.This film has been liked critically.This is first hollywood film in which IMAX camera used.

3. The Avengers

We got to see the passion of Avengers this year which we never got to see in any hollywood movie before it. The beginning of Avengers from 2012 which is the first part.Tony Stark prepared a team with Hulk and Thor which could help to save the earth from Thor’s evil brother,loki. Marvel Studios took loan for developing the film and it converted into 3d through post production.

Top 10 hollywood movies


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4. The dark knight

The dark knight is one of the best film of Hollywood well, it is the film of Batman but it is special for peoples still today then one of main reason i.e. Heath Ledger played a character of Joker.This is the second film of Batman in which some bad people hire a joker for higher the crime of Gotham city.

Top 10 hollywood movies

5. Avatar (2009)

Avatar is not just a film it is the dream of James Cameron’s mother which relation to Hindu whose being inspired, Cameron wrote a film story.Cameron released this film in 2009 due to lack of some technology.For shooting this film, Cameron made a special camera. It is the first film which cross 2 billions on box office.

6. Inception

We watch films for entertainment but this film keep your mind shaky with entertainment.In this film, we got to see dream inside dream. The best director to hollywood,Christopher Nolan has took 8 years to write this story. Leonardo DiCaprio who played a role of thief. Cobb steal the information by entering people’s dreams.

7. Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl

Pirates of the Caribbean in which Jack Sparrow character rolled by Johnny Depp cannot forget. The film story is based on Pirates.In film,ack Sparrow change the definition of pirates who always fun and entertain the people with his funny habits. A blacksmith loves a governer’s daughter.

Top 10 hollywood movies

8. The shape of water

As we always hear that,there is no need of words for understanding someone’s thing but need of feelings.Eliza Esposito,who can’t speak.She works in aerospace research center as guard in night shift.One day aliza come to know a new jew whose Colonel Richard Strickland had brought from South America river.Eliza start to meeting him secret and learn him sign language.

Top 10 hollywood movies

9. The Florida Project

6 year old girl,Moonee who is stay in a motel with her mother where her entire day pass on with same age group children.Her mother,Halley don’t have money so she start work of Prostitution for survival.But Bobby,the motel owner get to know this thing. He takes care of moonee while he isn’t his father.

Top 10 hollywood movies

10. Call me by your name

A 17 year old boy,Elio who is live with his parents in rural area of Itly. His father is a professor who invite a graduate student(Oliver) for live with his family in summer so he could help in paperwork.Elio see many similarities in Oliver.Soon they start to spend time together.And they both get into a relationship

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