How to root android phone & advantage or disadvantage of rooting

Do you know what is rooting and how to root android phone or device? Many people want to root their smartphones because they want all these things which cannot be done without rooting device. Maybe some of people doesn’t about rooting. Rooting let you do that all things than unroot phone. But before rooting your smartphone, you should know advantage and disadvantage of rooting phone. In this article, i’ll tell you in details regards rooting as well as advantage and disadvantage of Rooting.

How to root android phone

What is Rooting?

Rooting allow you to act like head of phone.When you purchase new mobile phone in market.There are some restrictions on mobile phones provided by the company. Under which you can use limited features of phone. But we want to use more excited features in phone so we have to root our phone and break the company limit. As a result,we can call it root your android phone.

In other words, Rooting phone is the way to give freedom to our phone for doing anything without any limits. We give super power to our phone. Moreover we can increase the Android version of our mobile.

How to root android phone?

You can root your android device with two methods. Another second method may be difficult for some users because you will need of computer. Rooting device with computer is difficult. So i am using first method which is very easy. In first method, you can use your phone with the help of app. Firstly download latest version kingroot app, you can download through searching in your web browser or you can directly from here.

During installing kingroot app, Google play protect prevent you to install this app but you should install anyway.

If you downloading any app on browser first time then you need to change some settings.Go to your phone Setting> Security> Unknown sources> Allow. That’s it now you could easily download any app from browser.

After installing kingroot,open it. Firstly it will check weather your device is rooted or not. If not rooted, it will show you the one click button for rooting. Click on root device, it will start to rooting. Now wait until it complete 100% rooting. I hope before rooting your device,you have understood the disadvantage or advantage of rooting. When it complete 100% processing, a pop up notification send to you that your phone has been rooted.

Advantages of Rooting

  • Boost Device- You can boost your phone device’s speed and battery life. Greenify close the useless apps which your device speed automatically increase.
  •   Pre-installed- Some of pre-installed apps in phone which we dislike and want to remove permanently. You can delete hide apps or pre installed app which is already install in mobile phone. 
  • Backup- Another benefit of rooting phone is backup. You can create backup and restore of your items. Unroot phone also provide you restoring or backup data but not give complete data like exist apps and lots of things.
  • Ad-blocking- You can block irritating ads which frequently show on our phone screen whenever we use any application.

Disadvantages of Rooting

  • First disadvantage is that the warranty of your mobile phone will absolutely become void.
  • While rooting there is possibilities of bricking phone,But you can recover it.
  • If you use the third party apps in which you need permission of developer. Malware virus automatically will enter into your phone.
  • When you root your phone, you can use any third party apps which isn’t secure so you won’t able to use any internet banking services.



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Rooting device may affect your android system. Read carefully their advantage or disadvantage of rooting and do at your own risk, this site will not responsible for any harm.

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