Meesho reselling business- work at home

In today’s time, everyone want that they may earn extra income from other sources as well as their job. Means they are doing their job but also earn additional income.Specially for students,they search on internet how the way they can earn money online for their basic needs. Most of people have been used many apps which give guarantee to pay money but they don’t. So finally they got frustrate now they don’t want use any apps.But meesho is not like that, it is reselling business. You can earn at least rs.10000-15000 monthly even more, if you do your work properly.This business maybe helpful to those women who cannot go and work outside.I’ll give you complete knowledge of meesho reselling business and how you can also earning on meesho app.

Meesho reselling business

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What is meesho reselling business?

Meesho is a reseller app where the many products are available which you can sell. Now one thing has came in your mind that if you have sell products then you can sell it on Amazon, Flipkart and earn money.But on meesho,here is cheap price products and normal price products. On which you can set your profit according to you and sell them.You don’t need to buy products for selling, you just need to select product and set price according to you. Now you have question in mind how you will set price and sell, read full article.

How to earn money from Meesho?

If you don’t have meesho then firstly download meesho app and register with mobile number. When you open the app,you will see many products and category. Select category whatever products you want to sell and you think that your friends will buy this product.Now set the price which product you have selected.For example, you have select shoes which cost is Rs.400 if you think this product is good in rs400 then you can set its price Rs.500 or 600. After set price of products, share your product images with your friends.


When your friend like product then they will ask price of product,you can tell price according to your margin. Then finally ask friends’s address and contact details.Now what you do,you have to select that product and quantity, customer’s address details and contact details.

Fill your details- Name, email address, select State

Write your name and phone number because this will send on behalf of you not meesho.

Now enter the amount including your profit. For example- the price of product is Rs500 you want to sell it rs. 600 then enter the final amount that is rs600. The customer will pay rs.600. And select also payment mode if your friend has already paid you money then select online payment otherwise cash on delivery. As soon as the shipment is received to the customer, you will be paid your amount in bank account within 10 days from meesho.

Add your bank account in your meesho account for receiving your money. Meesho send payment direct into your bank account.

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