How to generate Aadhar virtual ID

The Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) has provided new service that is Virtual ID.You can more secure your Aadhar card.You could safe your Aadhar card information being misuse. In this article, i will tell you how to generate Aadhar virtual id.

Virtual Id is the 16 digit of number ehich is issued from user’s Aadhar number.UIDAI gave this facility so that users could keep their Adhar card information safe.We can say Aadhar virtual id is another identity.The Aadhar users use virtual id in place of Aadhar card.Because Virtual id is generated through Aadhar number so it contains person same details like- Name,date of birth,address and photo etc.

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How to generate Aadhar virtual Id

1. Firstly go to the official site of  UIDAI.

2. Visit Aadhar Services portal then click on Generate VID. (You can directly access on generate VID page by clicking on this link).

3. Now you will see such kind of interface. You just to need to enter your Aadhar number and security code same as given then click on send otp.


How to generate Aadhar virtual id


4. An OTP sent to your registered mobile number, enter that otp and choose generate VID. It will take few seconds and you will get you virtual id. 16 digit of number will sent to your mobile  number through sms and it will be your VID.



Use of Adhar virtual Id

Whenever you need Aadhar card, you can use Virtual id in place of Aadhar number. This virtual id works as Aadhar number.There is no limit of generating VID, you can generate VID many time. Because of virtual id is valid for few times so you need to generate everytime whenever you required of VID.

Benefits of VID

  • If you open new bank account then you can apply VID number instead of Aadhar number.
  • You can apply for booking tatkal tickets or passport.
  • You can take benefits of all government subsidies.
  • Purchase new insurance policies through VID number.


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