How to Get US Number for WhatsApp ?

Many people want to use a US number for WhatsApp Account. If you Want to Impress Your friends by using US Number and you are looking to get a US number for WhatsApp account, then you are at the right place. Here in this article, we are showing how to get a US number for Whatsapp without SIM card or even if you are  outside the USA.

Method 1.

2ndLine – US Phone Number App

Step 1. Go to Play store or app store on your mobile and download 2ndLine – US phone number App.

Step 2. Open App and You Need to create a account. you can use any email address because they not verify your email address.

US Number for WhatsApp

Step 3. After create Account You will see a list of US Number List Select Any Number and click to Continue.

Step 4. Now open your WhatsAppp and select country code +1 and provide the newly number there.

Step 5. In the next step, WhatsApp will sent text message to the mobile number. but you will not receive the text message So you should choose “Call verification” instead of text verification. Within no time, you will receive a call from a US number receive call and listen your verification code.

US number for whatsapp

Step 6. Enter Your Verification Code on your whatsapp and verify after verifing you can see your US Number WhatsApp Account.

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Method 2.

TextPlus : Free Text And Call App

Step 1. Go to Play store or app store on your mobile and download TextPlus : Free Text And Call App.

Step 2. Now Select a country for getting your US number or foreign numbr.

Step 3. You will see some US numbers and you can choose any number for you. This will be your new US number and you can use it for your Whatsapp account.

Step 4. Now WhatsApp tries to verify your number and send a text message but you choose to call me option for the verification code.

Step 5. Receive call and get your verification code. Enter Code and Verify your Us Number WhatsApp Account.

I hope this article helps you to get a free US number for your WhatsApp account you can also use this number to free call and free SMS 

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