How to get call details of any number

Know how to get call details of any number easily. I’m going to tell you these three methods which is very easy. You can know easily someone’s incoming  and outgoing calls. Please attention don’t use for wrong intentions.

First method- call details

You have get call history via Facebook of course through social media you can access to details of any number. The second method may be difficult for some users because you need pre-installed Facebook app.
You have ever noticed when u install fb app in your device. It asks persimmons for contact details, access to gallery, access for camera and call details. So it records all the data of your device on which you have gave permissions. Now let’s start.

How to get call details

  • Firstly log in your Facebook account
    Now go to your Facebook settings.
  • You will see the category of “Facebook information” click on that.
  • Now tick the mark what information you want. (Call history)
  • Click on download a copy of fb data.
  • Facebook will mail you an attachment on you fb registered email id, download the file and you will get what u want.

Second method-

The another second method is that, you can find out someone’s call details through your browser. You don’t nothing to do much you just need to an OTP. Whom you want  details, take number and try to take otp of that person. These are some steps and you call get anybody details

  • Take the number whom you want details and check the provider of number ( mobile number belongs to Vodafone,idea, Airtel,jio etc)
  • For logging in or signing up, you need an OTP,  anyhow you have to take otp of that person. 
  • Now log in or sign up on which the mobile number belong to provider like my number belongs to airtel provider so I’ll log in or sign up on airtel.
  • This is final step and you can easily access to someone details. After log in, go to airtel account> Call details.

These are best two options to know anybody call details.

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