If you are new to the Internet world then you might have heard the domain name many times and you may have also tried to know what is the Domain name system. So today we are going to tell you about this topic. Whenever you visit a website, you identify that website with a domain name such as Youtube.com, Google.com, Facebook.com. These are all known DN.

What is domain name? What is domain name system?

Whenever you go to a website, search by typing its name, but you can tell that the name of the website has an address of mathematical digits which we call an IP address. From this address we can access that website, we all remember someone’s name quickly, without remembering any number. Therefore, the names in the Domain name system are hidden by hiding the IP address of the digits, which we can remember quickly. The name of these websites is called DN only. Example at https://ziddiblog.com is a domain name.

What is Domain name

How DNS Works?

Whenever you search for a website name on the browser, the browser converts the IP address hidden on the name of the website you have visited, to ISP or Internet Service Provider like Idea Airtel Live Server. After this, the ISP redirects these requests to Google’s servers and in this way Google finds your website’s IP address in front of you. This process is very fast, so when you search the website name on Google, then Google’s Search In the result the homepage of the website comes in a few seconds.

Types Of Domain Name

There are several types of dns today, such as top-level domain names ending in .com, .net, .org, and .gov etc. There are also country level domains such as .in, .us, The top-level DN are known in the whole world and they are preferred because they are accessed in the whole world, while country level DN are used to center a country.

High Level Domain Name

  • .Com (Commercial)
  • .Net (Network)
  • .Org (Organization)
  • .Gov (Government)
  • .Edu (Educational)
  • .info (information) 

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