What is meesho and how to earn money from meesho

Do you know that even money can be earned from the mobile app? There are many types of app selection in the market that gives you the chance to earn money online.Some of these apps give you money and some don’t give you money by getting your work done. But I’m going to tell you what is meesho and how to earn money from meesho and also about an app whose use can make you work 10,000 to 15,000 hours a month.

How to earn money from meesho

What is Meesho?

Meesho is a wrestler app that can easily earn money by promoting the product like Amazon, Flipkart etc.
You can use it for free and by using this app you can earn good income from your mobile. This is a great business model where you have the opportunity to sell the product for free in the name of your company. Yes, when you sell a product, your customer will never know that this product has been sent to them from meesho.

If you are a Meesho seller,you can sell Jewellery Home Products, Lifestyle and many other small things. In this program, you will not have to manually set up the product, nor will it be invested. Nor you neen to deliver products to the customer’s home. There is no need to collect payment. The company will do this all things for you.

How to create meesho account?

To create an account on the App. Firstly you have to download the app from the Play Store. After downloading the app, you have to enter your mobile number and clicking on the next button. It will send an OTP code to your mobile number,enter that code. Congrats! You meesho account is created. If you want rs.150 discount on your first order on meesho then use referral code. (DZAQWVY464) Download

What is meesho app

How to earn money from meesho?

After making an account in the Meesho App then you will see many products. You can click on the product you like. And add them according to the price of the product and share it on WhatsApp, Facebook and social media. If any person purchases product from your link, margin that you added will be credited to your bank account.

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How to hack whatsapp- easiest way of hacking

Many people want to hack others’ WhatsApp and want to know how to hack whatsapp. Let’s say that Whatsapp is the second largest social media app after Facebook. which everybody wants to hack because there are personal messages of people in Whatsapp. People do not want to tell anyone. Today we are going to tell you a simple way you can read whatsapp chat in your mobile. For this, you will not need to route your own and front facing mobiles in any way. Before doing this, you should know that these information is only for the Educational Purpose. You do not have to use it wrongly.

How to hack whatsapp

How to hack whatsapp

  • First of all, you have to install the WhatScan app in your mobile when you open it, you have to select Language. You can select any language from Hindi or English.
  • If it asked for any screen lock or pattern password, you can skip or set.After a few seconds you will see the QR code that you need to scan from another’s mobile.
  • Now you have to take a mobile with Whatsapp hacking. And opening its Whatsapp and clicking on the right side corner will show three dot marks on them. After this you will have a choice of Whatsapp Web which will scan your mobile QR code.
  • As soon as the scan is complete, your mobile will be accessed by Whatsapp Chat of the front mobile, from which you can read all its Whatsapp chats. So you can now know how or how to hack whatsapp.

But once more tell you that hacking his whatsapp without his will is wrong. How To Hack Whatsapp Hacks This is just what we have taught for Educational Purpose.

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What is parallel space and how it works?

Android is a platform where you can find all kinds of apps. Because most of the apps present in it are installed in Free, this is also the reason its PlayStore is the world’s most used online app store. PlayStore has millions of apps, mostly free. If you want to use two accounts in one of your mobile, you will also find an app in PlayStore.Know what is parallel space and how parallel space works?

What is parallel space and how parallel space works

There are many apps that run in one mobile with just one account, for example, WhatsApp. You can not use two WhatsApp officially in your mobile because you do not have the option to logout anywhere in this app. By which you can close an account and use another. An app has been designed to solve this problem, which is named Parallel Space – Multiple accounts.

What is parallel space?

This is an app that let you use multiple accounts on other apps and games. Through this, you can run two accounts on the same mobile at the same time. With this you can clone any game or app, but this is the most popular because of Whatsapp. Many people want to run WhatsApp in one of their mobile phones, the simplest and safest way to do this is Parallel Space. It also does not require you to route your mobile. 

How parallel space works?

As we have already told you that it works to clone the Install app in your smartphone. With this you can use two separate accounts in the same app or game. So let’s know how to use Parallel Space.

  1. First download and install this app from Playstore and install it. If you wish, you can download it from here too. After downloading, open this app.
  2. After opening it, this app will ask for some permissions, you have to allow it. Then click Start.
  3. Now all the apps will be installed in your mobile in your homepage. Select any app you want to clone here.
  4. You can select more than one app if you want. After selecting the app, click the Add to Parallel Space button below. Here this app will ask for another permit, you have to click Accept.
  5. After this, the Clone App of the app you select will appear in front of you. By registering you can create another account.

I hope you will understand how parallel space works?

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Jio Phone Internet Speed Test

Do you know how to check jio phone internet speed. if don’t know.. then today we are going to tell you about this. Today, millions of people of India have Jio’s 4G phone. It has become quite popular in a very short time. The main reason is its feature, this phone priced at Rs. 1500 only gives you 4G features. Apart from this, you can run websites, YouTube and WhatsApp. Almost all Jio Phone users use the Internet but many people are not getting the right speed of Internet, so people want to know how much Net Speed ​​is actually getting their phones, if you want to know about this too So this post can prove to be very helpful for you. Here we are going to tell you the easiest way.

Jio phone internet speed test

Test your jio phone internet speed

There are two main ways to check Internet Speed ​​in any smartphone, first of all you need to get help from an app while in other ways you can use any browser. As far as Jio Phone is concerned, you can not install the app in it but in it you can use the browser to speed test. You have to open a website after you open the browser in it.

Well there are many websites on the internet that check Net Speed ​​online but here we are going to tell you about a website which is very easy to use, so let’s know step by step.

  • First of all open your jio phone browser.
  • Now in the browser’s search box, you have to search the website name by typing Fast.com.
  • In the search result, you will see many website names, you have to click on Fast.com at the top.
  • Once this website is open, this website will start checking your live phone’s Net Speed.

Through this website, you will know within just a few seconds how much speed you are getting. So in this way you can easily test your internet speed with the help of this website in your live phone or any smartphone.

So in this way you can check your Jio Phone’s Net Speed ​​in a very easy way.

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How to use whatsApp in laptop/PC/tablet

WhatsApp is now available on the web via the Chrome browser and in a tablet app. Meaning it’s possible to access your WhatsApp account on your phone, tablet, laptop and PC.

How to use whatsapp in PC, how to use whatsapp in laptop, how to use whatsapp in tablet

How to use whatsapp in laptop

Step 1. Use WhatsApp in laptop/PC/tablet couldn’t be easier. On your computer or tablet launch the Chrome browser (other browsers are not supported) and head to https://web.whatsapp.com. Ensure that you are viewing the desktop site if you’re doing so on a tablet. A QR code will pop up on screen on your PC. You do not need a QR reader installed on your phone to read this. Note that if you’re using a tablet you will need to request the desktop site in Chrome’s settings.

Step 2. Install WhatsApp on your phone and access the settings menu (click the three dots at the top right to access more options on an Android device), then choose WhatsApp Web. 

Step 3. Then a QR code will be open on your phone, point it at your PC or laptop screen to read the code and will be automatically logged into WhatsApp on the web.

Step 4. Now that interface will be open, may familiar to android WhatsApp users. but you should note that desktop notifications are supported, which you may want to switch off in the settings menu for privacy reasons if this is a shared PC. As on the phone, tapping the three-dot icon brings up more options. Select Notifications and then deselect Desktop Alerts and Sounds.

Step 5. All done! Starting a new conversation is slightly different on the desktop. As on the phone you can click the new message icon to select one of your contacts, but in WhatsApp on the web the search function lets you start new conversations as well as filter existing chats. Read also “ how to lunch WhatsApp in Jio phone

I hope you will understand how you can use WhatsApp in laptop/tablet/PC.

Thank you : )

What is Google AdSense and how it works?

Google AdSense advertising service

Google AdSence

Google AdSense is an advertising placement service by Google. This program is designed for website publishers who wants to display targeted text,video or image ads on sites and earn money when site visitors go to their site, view or click the ads. The advertising are controlled and managed by Google. Web publishers simply need to create a free AdSense account and copy and paste provided code for displaying the ads. It is free to become a verified website publisher in the Google Adsense program.

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Google Adsense: How to use AdSense

Now that you have a better idea on what is adsense, let’s see how it works.

 1. Create Adsense Account

The first step is, go to http://www.google.com/adsense  and create an account. Your adsense account is associated with a Google Account like the one you use to login to gmail, youtube etc.

2. Add Adsense to your website

Google needs to check that your website adheres to the adsense guidelines before being accepted to the program. To complete this process, you need to add adsense code to your website so that the Google crawler can access your website’s content.

This is most important step so do it carefully.

During this process, adsense ads are not shown to your website until you aren’t fully verified, when your site is fully verified, ads will start to show and you will get paid for the clicks.

3. Setup your payment information

The next and last step in the application process is to add your payment information so that you receive payment at the end of the month and once you passed the minimum threshold of $100.

Keep Remember that before receiving any payment from Adsense, Google will verify your pincode address by sending you an envelope with a confirmation code so make sure that the details you provide for your postal address are correct.

how to install whatsapp in jio phone

how to install whatsapp in jio phone

How to Install Whatsapp in jio phone

Hey guys, in this post I gonna tell you how to install whatsapp in jio phone or how to use whatsapp in jio phone. Nowadays whatsapp is the main messenger that connects everyone in india and across in world.

Reliance such launch – Jio Phone 1500, literally smashed market as there was no 4G volte feature phone launched in India before for a price tag of just 1500 Rs.  If you have bought this jio feature phone then you must be wondering, how to install  whatsapp in jio phone.  Jio has not officially launched any Whatsapp version or support to Whatsapp in this phone. but in this post, we will show how to install Whatsapp on jio phone.

how to install whatsapp in jio phone

5 Easy Steps to Download & Install Whatsapp in Jio Phone

Step 1. Open default internet browser and visit this link  or enter URL web.whatsapp.com

Step 2. Now you will get one QR code on the screen.

Step 3. Take a smartphone on which Whatsapp is installed.  Open it and click on ‘whatsapp web’ option.

Step 4. As soon as you select that option, a camera will turn on. Now you scan the QR code which is there on Jio Phone’s screen.

Step 5. Now your same Whatsapp account will open on your  Jio phone.


I hope guys, you liked this article. By following these steps you can easily install and run whatsapp in your jio phones.

If you have any query regards this post just write a comment.
Thanks for reading : )

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