Best 7 Photo Editing Apps For Android In 2019

Nowadays trend of taking selfies and photos is increasing day by day. One of most important thing is make photos attractive. Many of us apply different filters and upload them on social media. Main reason behind editing photos nothing but get more likes and comments. If you are also passionate to editting photos and searching best photo editing app on internet then here is the best place. I’ve made a list of best 7 photo editing app for Android. These apps give an attractive look and professional touch.

Best 7 Photo Editing Apps For Android In 2019

1. PicArt

Best 7 Photo Editing apps

With over 500 millions downloads,PicArt is best photo editing app in all over the world. It gives an attractive look to your images and games photo editing.There are thousands of editing features in which some of them free service and rest,paid service. You can design something different and amazing with your photos in PicArt.If you want to use its premium features, use free trail for 7 days.

Here,unique features of PicArt like automatic Cropping,text,drawing tools, different types of effects and lot of exciting features.

Features of PicArt Photo Editor

  • Automatic cropping image
  • Effects- Magic, artistic, blur effects
  • 3 millions strikes
  • Unique collage grids and stylized frames


2. AirBrush

Best 7 photo editing apps

With over 10 millions downloads, AirBrush is most useful for give a make up touch to photos. AirBrush is designed  for photo editing with user-friendly and cool filters. If you click portraits pics then you should use this app.

Now comes to its features, AirBrush provided blemish and pimple remover and whiten teeth and a lot features.

Features of AirBrush

  • It removes blemish and pimples
  • Whiten teeth and brighten eyes
  • Real time editing and live effects
  • Natural make up look- Lipsticks, blush etc.
3. Snapseed

Snapseed is complete features of photo editing app for android. It is developed by Google. You can give professional touch to your photos. This app is available for free and ads free. You can save your personal photo and edit with another new photos later.

Snapseed provided 29 tools and different filters. Less apps give the feature of perspective. It has contains user- friendly interface so you could easily use.

Feature of Snapseed Photo editor

  • Provided pack of 29 tools and effects
  • Changeable perspective
  • JPG and ROW files can be open


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4. Fotor Photo Editor

Fotor is most powerful photo editing app. This app is available for free but contains ads. Fotor offers filters and effects in greater range. You can  even make a grid and collage of photos in Fotor. It provides more than 10 customizable edit functions.

Fotor can do thousands of effects and filters. It includes options such as bold/italic and also the ability to move the text forward and backward. Biggest photographers use this app for editing.

Features of Fotor Photo Editor

  • Quick a d easy edit- resize,crop,straighten, rotation etc.
  • Effects, photo frames, stickers and unique colours.
5. Adobe Photoshop Express

Best 7 photo editing apps

With over 100 millions downloads, Photoshop express is most powerful photo editing app for android. Adobe Photoshop is also made for PC/laptop. It has user-friendly interface to use easily. It provides more than 80 filters for editing.

Adobe Photoshop is available in free and ads free. It offers a option to direct share your photos on social media.

Features of Adobe Photoshop Express

  • Reduce luminance noise
  • All sizes are available- Facebook profile size, fb ad size, YouTube profile size, pinterest etc.
6. Adobe Lightroom

Lightroom is the most powerful photo editing app for android. You can take your photos to next level. Lightroom offers basic to advanced level editing tools.This app is available for free but some of tools are premium.It has also provided tutorials that how should edit the photos.

Make your photography powerful with Adobe Lightroom.Give breath life into your photos with Clarity, texture and dehaze tools.

Feature of Adobe Lightroom 

  • Advance capture mode such as Professional,HDR and RAW

  • Adjust any part of image with just your finger

  • Easily adjust and fix perspective of photos

7. Pixlr Photo Editor


Pixlr is best photo editing android app. Everyone can use of it easily. It contains ads if anyone don’t want ads, ones can upgrade the app. Pixlr has provided over 2 millions combination of free overlays,effects and filters.

Here some premium overlays, effects and filters for that ones has to pay for it. You can share your phptos directly on social media.

Features of Pixtr Photo Editor

  • Make collage of photos easily with many varieties of collage and grid
  • It offers 2 millions effects, overlay and filters
  • Easily add any text on your photos with unique font style

So here these best 7 photo editing apps for phone editing. You can try any of these according to your needs. If you only want effects and filters on photos then you should use Pixlr editor or for professional, try Photoshop express. I hope guys you liked this post. : )

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