What is affiliate marketing & how to do affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is very easiest way of making money online.People making money though it. Nowadays there is generation of internet and online shopping. The trend of online shopping is going on and it is gradually becoming famous. So most of people showing their interest in online business. Affiliate marketing is the best source of earning money online.Some of people maybe not aware of it, they don’t know what is affiliate marketing. I’ll all information regards affiliate marketing, What is it and how to do affiliate marketing?What is affiliate marketing

What is affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing is a program which if any person join and promote or recommend products of company  (Amazon,Flipkart,snapdeal etc.) by using self source like website or blogging. In return of it company give commission to that person.

Affiliate marketing is an advertising service which give opportunity to peoples to promote any company’s products and get commission. Bloggers sell the products of any company through their website. And when visitor click on the link of product for purchasing that product then blogger get the commission from that company for selling products. How much commission you will receive? It depands on the products, which kind of product you are promoting. I hope,now you will understand what is affiliate marketing.


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How to do affiliate marketing?

Now it is important to understand that how you will start affiliate marketing.The company who want to promote their products, they offer affiliate program. Any person like blogger or website owner join this program then company give a kind of link of product to blogger for promoting their products on website or blog. Now the website owner use this link on their blogs. When visitors visit the site and click on that link and reach on company website then purchase that product. The blogger will get commission for selling that product.


If you’re youtuber, You can give product link in your video description. For example you made a video of any mobile phone on your YouTube channel then you can give your product link in your video description. When people would be interested to buy that phone,they will click on your link for buy mobile. As soon as the person will purchase that mobile phone you will get your commission.

If you are promoting products on your website then you should have large number of traffic on your site then you could sell products. If your site no have any traffic, there is no one to click on your product link. So traffic must be in your website.

I hope guys now you will definitely understand about affiliate marketing and how it works.

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